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United States

                       WHITETAIL & MULE DEER                       

We work with many outfitters across the United States offering whitetail and mule deer hunts. These hunts boast a 90-100% success rate in every corner of the country. We work with outfitters from Pennsylvania to Texas to Wyoming and more. Here are few examples of some packages we offer. If you are looking for something more customized just let us know and we'll work out something to suit your needs.


Texas Whitetail

This hunt takes place about 80 miles southwest of San Antonio in an area that has been managed for years for big whitetails. You stay at a lodge with bedrooms, bathrooms, and TV for relaxation. This area has buck over 200 points with most being shot between 80 and 200 yards. Most of the hunting is done from stands but some walking and rattling has worked well when the rut is in. Cost is $3,000 for a 3-day hunt for bucks up to 9 points with a $2,500 trophy for bucks over 9 points.

Texas Del Carmen Whitetail

The Del Carmen Whitetail is one of the smallest of all the whitetail and named after the Sierra Del Carmen Mountains in Mexico. This hunt takes place in west Texas in the Chinati Mountains in December on a 32,000-acre ranch. Mule deer and Aoudad can be added to the hunt for trophy fees. Meals, lodging, and guides are included in the cost of $3,250 for the 4-day hunt. There is a $300 license feel as well.

New Mexico Mule Deer

This outfitter hunts mule deer from Ruidoso, New Mexico on a large private ranch. You can fly into Albuquerque or El Paso and make the 3-hour drive to the ranch or fly into Roswell, New Mexico to be picked up at the airport. Meals, lodging, and guides are provided while you stay on the ranch. Hunting is done via spotting and stalking so you want to bring a good pair of optics. Mule deer here average 18-24 inches, with some over 30 inches, and hunter success on this ranch runs 90-100%. The cost for this hunt is $4,250 for 5 days.

Pennsylvania Whitetail

We offer whitetail hunts in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania. This is a lodge hunt which is nestled inside of the hunting area with plenty of good food. Last year all of the bucks taken in this hunt were over 160 pounds, many of them over 170. The cost is $200 per day with a kill fee of $4,200.

Wyoming Deer & Elk

This hunt is on private ranches in central and north/central Wyoming. Our fried there has a long-term success rate over 95% with most years being 100% successful over all hunts. This is a tent camp that includes heated dining tents with a trained chef. The hunt is 5 days and costs $4,295. Cow Elk can be added to the hunt for an additional $1,250.

Wyoming + Montana Mule Deer & Whitetail

This hunt is also on private ranches spanning both Wyoming and Montana. You hunt out of a lodge and can take a deer from each state (1 per state, 2 total). There are a few packages available:

6 Days, 2 Deer: $6,500
4 Days, 1 Deer: $4,300
3 Days, 1 Deer: $3,700

Mexico Mule Deer

This hunt will take palce in the Sonoran Desert. Hunters fly into Hermosillo where the outfitter picks you up to guide you through customs . Lodging is in a ranch house with cooked meals included. The cost of the hunt is $7,000 for 6 days. Coues Deer can also be taken for a $2,000 trophy fee.


Wyoming & Montana Antelope

Our outfitter for this hunt promises you'll plenty of antelope every day of your hunt. You will have you pick for the best trophy. This hunt is based in a nice lodge with good food and can be combined with a whitetail and mule deer hunt if you'd like. This outfitter has taken many record-setting antelope over the years. A 3-day hunt is $2,150 and a 4-day hunt is $2,550. We also offer a 5-day combo hunt deer and antelope for $5,250 per hunter.


Colorado Elk 1

Colorado is a great place for trophy Elk hunts. We have several packages for Colorado, all out of a lodge. This outfitter will only take on a few hunters per week which completely eliminates competition from other hunters on this private land.

4 Days: $6,500
5 Days, Rifle or Muzzleloader: $7,500
5 Days, Archery Hunt 2x1: $5,000

Colorado Elk 2

This outfitter has a 17,000-acre private ranch about a quarter mile north of Craig, Colorado in the middle of one of the largest Elk herd in the United States. Hunts are scheduled from late August to Early December. Hunts are conducted by 4-wheel drive, 4-wheelers, stalking, and/or on foot. Meals and lodging are included. The 5-day hunt costs $6,950.

New Mexico Elk

Our outfitter guarantees elk license and hunts on private land. He has a very high success rate with hunts in September and early October during the bugle season. Combo hunts with mule deer and whitetail as well as bear are also available.

5 Days, Bugle Season: $6,950
5 Days, Oct-Dec Elk 1x1 Hunts: $6,600
5 Days, Oct-Dec Elk 2x1 Hunts: $6,100
Bear available on all hunts for $500 trophy fee

                       MOUNTAIN LION                       

Colorado Mountain Lion

Colorado Mountain Lion and Lynx hunts are great hunts for the winter months. Also available in British Columbia, Canada, the mountain lion hunts offer a different experience that will really stick with you. Hunts range from 6 to 8 days and $6,500 to $8,500.

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