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Every year we send thousands of hunters into the bush throughout North America and invariably the results are great. However, not everyone who goes out hunting returns with game unfortunately. Many factors are responsible including bad waether, hunters not being in shape, missed shots, and sometimes luck just not being on your side. But, we believe this is what makes hunting a sport. There is always a chance at being unsuccessful. In North America this is definitely the case, hunting here is not for the faint of heart. You must be prepared for sore feet and muscles and long days without a trophy animal. But, with this in mind, it makes that moment when you take your animal so much more rewarding and overpowering. Once you nab that first trophy you're hooked on hunting in North America.

We know each outfitter's strong points and areas. Many outfitters have several species in their area but excel in specific hunts. If you know what your priority animal is for your hunt we can make sure you are set up with an outfitter that provides you with the best chance at success.

                       COMBO HUNTS                       

British Columbia


This hunt has been one of our top-producing hunts for many years. It's a horseback hunt with 1 guide per hunter. We offer a 10-day hunt with any 2 animals from the following: elk, moose, goat, and black bear. The cost for the 2-species hunt is $16,500. We also offer a 10-day, 1-species hunt choosing from these animals: elk, moose, goat, or caribou. This hunt is $13,500. In addition to this combo hunt we also offer a 7-day elk or moose hunt for $8,750 with this outfitter. Any hunt can include another animal for a $3,000 trophy for each.


We offer a 5-day deer and antelope combo hunt in Alberta as well. This hunt is $5,250 per hunter.

                       WHITETAIL & MULE DEER                       

British Columbia

British Columbia has always produced some great mule deer. Our outfitter hunts by horseback and walking from September to November. A 7-day mule deer hunt is $6,500 for a 1x1 and $5,900 for a 2x1 hunt.


Our outfitter in Alberta has been doing a great job on his own private land with a great success rate. You will hunt from tree stands and ground blinds on this 50,000-acre ranch. Base camp is located less than 20 minutes from where you'll be hunting. A 6-day hunt is $5,800.


Saskatchewan is the undisputed hot spot for big whitetails. You will stay in cabins and hunt from tree stands and ground blinds. Like most Canadian hunts you will see only a few deer per day but there is always a chance to see one of the biggest deer in the world. A 6-day hunt runs $5,500.


Few animals on earth stimulate the hunter more than the bear. Over the years we have put together some of the finest spring and fall bear hunts in locations throughout the world. Many hunts are from lodges, some are based in tent camps or boats. We have offered baited hunts, spot and stalk, boat hunts, and hound hunts for bears. All of them have been successful. It just depends on what the hunter is looking for. We offer hunts in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and The Yukon. Our success in bear hunts is regularly very high because we have personally gone into these hunting areas to check them out.


British Columbia


We have been booking this outfitter for many years. This is a spot and stalk hunt. Most hunters will see anywhere from 20 to 60 bear over the course of their 7-day hunt. You will see many different colored black bear. Your guide will use predatory calls to alert the bears which is very exciting to see. British Columbia boasts a very large population of black bears. The cost of this hunt is $5,000.


This outfitter hunts on private ground in Alberta and takes many nice black bear. The hunt is from a stand over bait and is in a 2-bear area. Most hunters will see 15-30 bear during this 6-day hunt. The cost for this one is $4,200.

Vancouver Island

Biologists say there are over 12,000 black bear on Vancouver Island. Our outfitter is located on the north end of the island where the density is the highest population in North America. You may see 10 to 20 bears per day. This outfitter has had a 100% success for many years. A 5-day hunt costs $5,500.


For trophy black bear, our outfitter in Quebec hunts the ake Jean region and has been very happy with the great results. All meals and lodging are included in this 5-day, baited hunt which costs $2,795.


Manitoba & Saskatchewan

These areas had never been hunted until only a few years ago. You will hunt by boat and walking from tent camps. Many moose are in the 48" to 53" range on spread which is a fine Canadian moose. A 6-day moose hunt is $10,995 for a 1x1. This area also offers great fishing and grouse hunting as well.


We offer a 9-day moose hunt in Alberta for $6,500. Hunters can take elk ($3,500) and bear ($500) as well for an added trophy fee. In addition to this we can also offer a 10-day fly-in hunt that is all-inclusive (lodging, charter flight, license, etc) for $9,825 per hunter.

The Yukon

This is a horseback and walking hunt out of cabins and tent camps. Many moose in this area will go 58" to 63" with some 65" moose taken each year. A 12-day moose hunt is $14,000 plus a $5,000 kill fee.

02-British-Columbia 05-British-Columbia

                       SHEEP & MOUNTAIN GOAT                       

The Yukon

This hunt is very good for a full mixed bag but especially for Dall Sheep. We've worked with this outfitter many times and they run a top-notch camp. Our clients have been 100% successful for Dall sheep with this outfitter. This is a horseback hunt out of nice cabins. A 10-day hunt costs $16,000.

British Columbia - Stone Sheep

This 12-day stone sheep hunt is done by horseback. Our clients have taken many fine rams out of this area over many years. The hunt is $20,000 plus a $12,000 kill fee. Other animals can be taken for an additional trophy fee as well.

British Columbia - Mountain Goat

This mountain goat hunt is done via horseback along with plenty of walking. This is one of the most underrated animals in North America. It is challenging to hunt and a beautiful animal. A 10-day goat hunt, which will also include black bears, is $9,650 to $10,900.


Northen Manitoba

This is one of the hottest areas for big caribou and you are permitted to take 2 of them during the hunt. The hunt is conducted by boat and walking and costs $7,995 for a 5-day hunt. The fishing in this area is also outstanding.


This is an all inclusive hunt out of Montreal. You will be accommodated in permanent camps with all amenities including some great home-style meals. Boats and motors are available to explore, hunt, and fish. The guides here are some of the best around. The hunt takes place in mid-August to early November. A 3x1 hunt is $7,450 per hunter. You can also arrange for a 1x1 ($9,450), a 2x1 ($8,450), or a 6x1 ($6,450).


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