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                       SPRING BROWN BEAR - ADMIRALTY ISLAND                       

Admiralty Island is a beautiful, rugged, and moutainous island in the Alaskan Aleutian Islands chain. It is one of my favorite places to hunt in the spring with one of the highest densities of brown bear in the world. Bear size on the island generally averages 8-9 feet squared and they are typically a dark brown color with light gold tips. The spring hair is long and luxurious and makes a truly magnificent trophy.

While hunting on the island you will see very diverse wildlife. It is common to see humpback whales, orca whales, sea lions, seals, porpoises, black tail deer, otter, mink, and dozens of waterfowl species. Camp consists of wall tentfor cooking and large dome tents with cots for sleeping. The camp is very comfortable and located in an idyllic setting under huge, old growth spruce, hemlock, and fir trees. It sits on a small spit of land between a saltwater cove and a freshwater creek. The dining fare is excellent; you can expect to gain some weight on this hunt.

We will hunt the coast which the bears frequent. They are foraging the coastline for the first fresh green grasses, ferns, and buds of the spring. They will also travel the coast in search of a sow's scent path as this is the beginning of their breeding season. Hunters of all physical abilities are welcome to enjoy this hunt.

Hunt Cost - 2015




Bear Tag


NFS Permit


Juneau Arrival Overnight

$125 (approx)

Bush Flight, round-trip


Early Camp Departure


Non-Resident Hunter Preservation Fund


                       BROWN BEAR/GRIZZLY HUNTS                       

Togiak National Wildlife Refuge & Tikchik River Area

This outfitter conducts hunts in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge and Tikchik River areas which are in Alaska's most pristine and productive regions covering over one million acres in total. Both areas have rich ecosystems with an abundance of spawning salmon in the Bristol Bay tributaries. The bear populations here are significant and these hunts bring the excitement and challenge of pursuing one of the earth's most intelligent and magnificent predators. The Togiak National Wildlife Refuge hunt is based out of a spiked tent camp while the Tikchik River area offers a fishing lodge for accommodations.

The cost of the 10-day hunt in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge is $16,500. A round-trip charter flight you your hunting area runs $950 and license/tags are $635.

The Tikchik River hunt is $25,500 for 10 days. The round-trip charter flight is $950 and the license/tags are the same $635.

Kodiak Brown Bear

This hunt takes place on Kodiak Island where the outfitter has 3 different camps. Base camp is a lodge in the Uyak area with 2 satellite camps in the Spiridon and upper Uyak areas which are tents or cabins with kerosene heaters. This hunt has produced some huge bears with an average over 9 feet. The hunts are conducted in spring (April/May) and fall (October/November). The cost of the hunt is $16,000 plus $500 for a charter flight and $635 for license and tags. This outfitter can also add black tail deer and fishing trips to this hunt if you are interested.

                       COMBO HUNTS                       





Spring Brown Bear & Wolf


9 Days


Brown Bear/Grizzly, Black Bear


9 Days


Moose, Brown/Black Bear, Wolf, Wolverine


9 Days


Brown/Black Bear, Wolf, Wolverine

Late Setember

8 Days


Tags and Licenses Costs



Moose Tag


Brown Bear Grizzly Tag


Black Bear Tag


Wolverine Tag


Wolf Tag (Unit 18 only)


                       MISCELLANEOUS HUNTS                       

Moose Hunts


Caribou Hunts
Alaskan Barren Ground


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